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Key Features

Make calls to any country

  • Not registration – Don't share your personal data
  • Reach places where you can not with the other applications (Banks, Hospitals, Companies)
  • Available for any budget

Experience a new generation of coin phones

New generation of payphones

Make calls to any country in the world at cheaper prices per minute compared to traditional phone call services.

Call now here!

Not hidden prices

Use the dialer and before making a call you will know exactly how much it would cost per minute.

Get your money back

We don't keep your remaining money used for the calls. If you have remaining bitcoin and want it back send us an email to take it back. (Currently working hard to let you do it by yourself)

Pay with Bitcoin

Charging the wallet with Bitcoin allow you to make the calls. Any amount is allowed and the call price starts from 1 cent of USDT per minute depending on the destination.

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